The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, with a glorious history of more than 190 years, is one of the leading universities in Europe and worldwide. Its academic and scientific achievements are world-renowned. 25 Nobel Prize winners have worked and studied here. Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), affiliated to the world famous University of Manchester, is one of the two earliest business schools in the UK and one of the pioneers of European business schools. After 50 years of development, AMBS has six overseas centers and has developed into a world-class top business school. The "Manchester Method" created by AMBS enjoys the same high reputation as the "Case Method" of Harvard Business School in the subject of Management.

The MBA program of AMBS steadily ranks in the top of the global MBA ranking: 3rd in the UK, 10th in the Europe and 30th in the world; average salary growth rate of alumni reached 108% within three years, ranking 1st in the UK (by the Financial Times, 2017). Its academic qualifications have been recognized by the top academic accreditation agencies (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB) in the UK, Europe and the United States.

Program Overview

The Tongji-Manchester Dual Degree MBA program is intended to combine essential curriculums of project management and business administration of Tongji University and Alliance Manchester Business School, to develop the talents with internationalization and diversity of the excellent management.

Program Duration Teaching Language Class-Time
Tongji-Manchester Dual Degree MBA -Part time 2.5 years English non-workdays in principle

- Upon successful completion of the programme, the students will be awarded double MBA degrees, respectively from Tongji University and the University of Manchester and post-graduate diploma from Tongji University.

- The program commences in July at AMBS and in September at Tongji each year.

- Please check the website for latest update of tuition fee.

Class Profile (2019 intake)

Class Size:


Female rate:


Average Age:

33 years old

Post MBA EMptoyment rate:


of Students are at middle management and director levels


Key industries:

manufacturing, finance, FMCG, marketing, healthcare, consultant service
Program Feature

Fully Delivery in English

Small-sized classes (30-35 students each class) and class delivery in English.

Project Management Courses

TOP Global MBA courses + Specialized Courses including Project Planning, Project Control, and Strategic Management of Project etc.

Top Faculty and Experts from Both Universities

Faculty consists of prestigious professors and experts from both schools with top academic standard and rich experience. The emphasis is put on the soft skill of MBA internationalization.

Flexible Overseas Study Trips

Students are encouraged to enrich their experiences by participating in workshops at 6 international centres (Manchester, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Brazil and USA). Applications can be made according to their schedules without any extra charge of tuition fee, and the accommodation fund will be offered by the AMBS.

Excellent Global Career Service

We have a professional team to provide plentiful resources in both schools for career development (online and offline), such as one-to-one coaching and advice, workshops and global online seminars and monthly webinars. Every student can enjoy the alumni resources and activities of both the Tongji University and the University of Manchester.

* Subject to change according with prior notice
Program Faculty

Patrick McNutt

Alison Ashton

Alistair Brandon-Jones

Graham Winch

Michael Bresnen

Patrick McNutt

Professor Patrick A McNutt is presently based in Dublin as a strategy and antitrust consultant for Patrick McNutt & Associates where he is a (partner/founder) advising private clients on issues associated with strategy, management training, competition and antitrust compliance. Patrick is a former chairman of the Irish Competition Authority and has previously worked as an antitrust consultant across a range of different sectors including banking, brewing, media, energy and telecommunications where he was appointed as a consultant in Jersey - here he advised on the regulation of utilities generally and prepared the template for the New Jersey Competition Law.

Alison Ashton

Alison has previously held the positions of Teaching Fellow in Marketing within AMBS and was Research Business Manager within the former Centre for Business Research (CBR), the consultancy arm of AMBS. Within this role, she was involved in the management and delivery of close-to-market research for both private and public sector organisations. Alison's research interests focus on services marketing and consumer behaviour, with a particular interest in service encounters and service quality evaluation within healthcare.

Alistair Brandon-Jones

Alistair is a leading authority one-supply chain management. He is programme leader for AMBS’s MSc in Operations, Supply and Project Management and has significant executive development and consultancy experience in a wide variety of private and public sector organisations around the world. He has widely published in leading operations and supply management journals and is a co-author for the market-leading portfolio of Operations Management textbooks, including Operations and Process Management, the core text on the Marketing and Operations course. Alistair was nominated for the THES Most Innovative Teacher Award in 2011.

Graham Winch

Graham is a member of the Peer Review College, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. He has also been an advisor on construction innovation policy to the Dutch, French, and UK governments, and has been a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal for Project Management Construction Management and Economics since 1999. Within MBS, he is the Director for Social Responsibility and Programme Director of the BP Managing Projects executive education programme.

Michael Bresnen

Michael has more than 30 years’ experience of collaborative research and Executive Education with organisations from a variety of industry sectors, including engineering, construction, biomedical and healthcare. He is a founding member and former Co-Director of the Innovation, Knowledge and Organisational Networks research centre (IKON), where he is also an Associate Fellow. He is also Associate Editor of Organisation, and has published extensively on the organisation and management of the construction process.

Alumni Network

Jiao Chen

Optimas Manufacturing Solution (Ningbo) INC.
General Manager
Excellent Graduate of Tongji University, Grade 2010

Education is a life long journey and we are ready to challenge convention, offer new ideas, and relentlessly strive for improvement. And we will always remember where we came from, that is Tongji University---the place that helped to shape us.

As Winston Churchill said: "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense." This is what we will do after graduation, to make the world better tomorrow.

Dongsheng Zhu

Dynax Semiconductor Inc.
Operation Director
Excellent Graduate of Shanghai, Grade 2011

We have always prayed for this day coming soon because graduation is holy to us to be proud of. It is not just a witness to our three years’ hard work and growth, but a bearer of our hopes and dreams. When this day finally comes, which means we are saying goodbye to our school, professors and classmates, we soon find out that how short these three years are. At this time, we every classmate all have tears in eyes with joy and happiness.
Life is short, Steve Jobs said, living each day of your life like it’s the last one makes life meaningful. To change world, we ought to change ourselves first. We should follow our heart, pursue our dreams, continue to challenge ourselves as well as improve knowledge and self-cultivation. Longing for dreams and knowledge, we shared this three years’ golden time through ups and downs in Tongji-Manchester Dual-Degree MBA Class.

Jun Ding

Business Director
Excellent Student of Tongji University, Grade 2011

Chris Gardner once said, “You got a dream, you gotta protect it.”
Today, you’ve realized your dreams while tomorrow, there’re more dreams to be realized. Just as the saying goes, life is endless fighting!
Here, we study together;
Here, we play together;
Here, we dream together.
And most importantly, here we have our respected teacher, who help us realize our dreams!
Tongji witnessed our regretless youth and will continue to witness our future success!

Jackie Jiang

Minerals Technologies Inc.
Regional HR Manager, Grade 2011

Few is not terrified by the high learning intensity from Tongji-Manchester Dual programme, and almost all intake is excited about the same. The amazing thing of this programme, is that it gathers people who understand themselves, and want to grow by paying tremendous efforts and dozen times than ordinary being in exchange of accumulation accordingly. Tongji-Manchester allows people to go through the combined but designed portions from the best parts of eastern and western education mechanism, fully supports us to obtain different degrees of accomplishment, gain benefits from diversified degrees of efficiency. Among the recent ten years, it surprises alumni continually with various activities and new items, building platform and providing channels for expanding networking among all. I myself never feel disconnected from the schools, the professors, especially the culture that leading one to make untiring endeavor for advancement.

Qian Youping

Mission foods (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Financial Controller, Grade 2011

Tongji-Manchester Dual Degree MBA Program definitely is not a comfort journey. I still remember many days and nights when I was running to catch up the deadline. But it makes all the efforts worthwhile. Those challenges and enlightenments are not forgettable. MBA learning escalates the knowledge of business, builds strategic thinking and broader view beyond the existing role, which drives me think out of box. This program can surely improve competitiveness and probability of success when opportunities come. The program can give you not only financial benefits, but also nonfinancial benefit, which extend over your career and your personal life.

Kinsen Sun

Regional General Manager, India and SEA
OmniVision Technologies
Excellent Graduate of Tongji University, Grade 2015

When the day graduation came, recalling the past even more than 3 years study journey, I can say that Tongji-MBS double degree global MBA is one of the most tough MBA program in China. And the most valuable thing is not what professional courses I have taken, but the courage it gave me, which promote me to find and create, be brave to face the unknown challenges and to embrace the change as well as actively to take actions, in the meantime, enjoying this whole process.
I like a word also write it down on my notebook: “My life became what it is today when I started to play more, indulged my creative side and took risk by following what my led me. Who would you be if you played a little more, did something wildly creative, or took a few more risks with your life?”
Graduation is not an end, but a new start.
Admissions Requirement

achelor's degree or international equivalence.

Minimum of three years’ work experience with strong, consistent career progression and achievement. (Only for Mainland China/Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan applicants).

Proficiency in English.

A satisfactory GRK/Entrance Exam score (Only for Mainland China/Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan applicants).

International exposure (valued)

How to apply

For Mainland China applicants

Visit the official website of Tongji MBA, fill in the application form online and upload your English resume. (

Education experience and full-time work experience are required in the English resume.


Participating in the pre-admission interview organized by Tongji SEM and Manchester Business School.

Individual interview conducted fully in English.

10-15 minutes for each interview.

Online Test

Fill in the application form and online test of Manchester Business School.

One-hour online English test.


Passing the application and test, you will obtain offers from both universities.

Register and achieve the China GRK/Entrance exam. Please check the official website for details.


After passing the GRK exam, you will be enrolled by Tongji-Manchester Dual MBA Programme.

For International applicants

1 Online Application(

2 Submissions of hardcopy materials

3 Interview by invitation and online test

4 Admissions decision notification

5 Enrollment Confirmation

For HongKong, Macau, and Taiwan applicants

1 Register online(

2 Take Entrance exam

3 Interview by invitation and inline test

4 Admissions decision notification

5 Enrollment Confirmation

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