Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio has a history since 1826 and is one of the nation’s leading research universities. The Weatherhead School of Management is different from other business schools. We are bold in our ideas, creative in our approach, and adaptive in our interactions within a changing business environment. So far, 16 Nobel Prize winners have been born. Through years of persistent innovation, Weatherhead School of management has consistently ranked among the top business schools in the United States. In 2010 and 2012, the financial management program of Business Week ranked first in the United States.

Weatherhead School of Management

The Weatherhead School of Management is different from other business schools. We are bold in our ideas, creative in our approach, and adaptive in our interactions within a changing business environment. We've enhanced traditional management education by integrating the fundamentals of business with ideas and practices that change individuals, organizations and societies. Our graduates are ready to add immediate value to their organizations, their communities and the world.

On Case Western Reserve University’s campus, located at the heart of University Circle, students find themselves in one of the densest concentrations of educational, scientific, medical and cultural institutions in the United States. Weatherhead’s neighbors include the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and University Hospitals.

Program Overview
The MBA/MSM-Finance double-degree program with Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reservation University is an innovative model designed to integrate Weatherhead faculty’s cutting-edge knowledge, skills and expertise in financial management with Tongji SEM’s reputation and competency in MBA leadership education. These two complementary sets of knowledge will benefit your professional growth tremendously.
Program Duration Teaching Language Class-Time
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance Double Degree Program 2.5 years English Weeknight and weekend

- Students shall receive the MBA degree from Tongji University and MSM-Finance degree from Case Western Reserve University upon successful completion of the program.

- The program commences in September each year.

- Please check the website for latest update of tuition fee.

Program Feature

The first masters degree in finance from a top US university offered in mainland China

The first MBA/ MSM-Finance double degree program in China

Internationally-renowned faculty with extensive academic & industry experience

Gain cutting-edge knowledge and skills with a global perspective

Specialize in risk management, capital markets and corporate finance

Take advantage of the opportunity to prepare for CFA, FRM, and other certifications

Abundant networking opportunities with financial sector players in the US. Residency study at Cleveland, one of the United States’ financial centers and home of Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Ample intern opportunities in Shanghai’s huge financial sector

Is This Program Right for Me?

As financial markets have become more sophisticated and more globally-integrated than ever, it is vitally important for financial managers at all levels to have both types of skills—in-depth financial knowledge as well as general management skills. With this goal in mind, this unique program is designed to balance the technical dimension and managerial practice of finance in a way that is not usually achieved in general MBA programs.

This program is right for you if you want to become a well-rounded finance professional who not only understands financial markets and instruments, but also has the managerial skills needed to make important finance decisions. We seek to bring students with significant work experience across diverse backgrounds together to cultivate different streams of thoughts. We encourage you to learn more about us and to take advantage of this career-enhancing learning experience!

Faculty and Research
Students will be taught by world-renowned faculty from two highly-rated business schools in two dynamic financial centers. Students are offered the opportunity to deepen and broaden their understanding of global finance through lectures, case discussions, executive speaker sessions, company visits and a residency study in the U.S. that includes visits to top financial institution on Wall Street in New York.

Anurag Gupta

C N V Krishnan

Peter Ritchken

Leonardo Madureira

Scott Fine

Ralitsa Petkova

Anurag Gupta

Vice Dean

Professor, Banking and Finance


Peter B. Lewis Building 361

Anurag Gupta, PhD, is Chairman and H. Clark Ford Professor of banking and finance. His primary research interests include risk management, banking, financial regulation, risk strategy, credit modeling and technology financing. His research work has been published in top finance journals such as the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Finance and the Journal of Monetary Economics. He has presented his research at numerous top institutions and conferences all over the world.

C N V Krishnan

Department Chair, Banking and Finance

Faculty Director, MSM-Finance Program

Professor, Banking and Finance

Peter B. Lewis Building 363

CNV Krishnan, PhD, Professor of Banking and Finance, is currently Department Chair, Banking and Finance, and Faculty Director, Master of Science in Management-Finance. As director of the MSM-Finance program, Krishnan has successfully managed the expansion of the program, creation of tracks of specialization, and corporate involvement in the program.

Peter Ritchken

Kenneth Walter Haber Professor

Professor, Banking and Finance


Peter B. Lewis Building 372

Peter Ritchken, PhD, professor of banking and finance, is the Kenneth Walter Haber Professor of Finance. Questions are at the heart of Ritchken’s studies and teachings. What determines prices and volatility in capital markets? How do firms manage market risk, interest rate risk, credit risk and operational risk? Why should firms use derivatives? In his search for answers, his work includes asset pricing models, pricing interest rate and credit derivatives, modeling volatility, and studying banking regulation.

Leonardo Madureira

Deborah and David Daberko Fellow

Associate Dean for Research

Associate Professor, Banking and Finance


Peter B. Lewis Building 364

Native fluency in Portuguese, fluency in English, some fluency in Spanish
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2005
MA, University of Pennsylvania, 2001
MBA, Pontifical Catholic University, 1998
BS, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 1990

Scott Fine

Professor, Banking and Finance


Peter B. Lewis Building 366

Scott Fine, MBA, is a former strategic consultant, investment banker, public company CFO and private equity business owner. As such, Fine understands value creation as advisor, manager and owner. His background guides his research, where he works to answer several key questions. How does value get created? How is a firm’s financial strategy and corporate strategy linked? How has the shift in company decision-making power from corporate owners to private equity and hedge fund investors altered the way value is created and distributed? Fine’s research focuses on developing classroom materials, including case studies, and internal papers addressing these questions. Appointed to Weatherhead School of Management in 2003, Fine’s has taught over a dozen different courses across most of the school’s programs. Current courses include Cases in Finance, Contemporary Issues in Management, Corporate Finance, and Financial Strategy and Value Creation and Projects in Corporate Finance.

Ralitsa Petkova

Associate Professor, Banking and Finance


Peter B. Lewis Building 365

Ralitsa Petkova, PhD, associate professor of banking and finance, joined the Weatherhead School of Management faculty in 2014 in the Master of Science of Management-Finance program. Prior to this, she instructed undergraduates, graduate, and doctoral students at Purdue University, Texas A&M University, University of Texas at Austin, and Case Western Reserve University.
Courses from Tongji

Management and Organizational Behavior

Managerial Economics

Data Models and Decisions

Strategic Management


Financial Management


Human Resource Management

Information Systems and Information Resources Management

Operations Management

Business English

Theory &Practice of Socialism

Courses from CASE

Financial Management

Financial Modeling and Value

Investment Management and Asset Allocation

Global Banking and Capital Markets

International Finance

Fixed Income Markets and Models

Financial Econometrics

Financial Decisions, Contracting and Valuation

Derivative Markets and Models

Quantitative Risk Modeling

Financial Strategies and Value Creation

Corporate Risk Management

Corporate Valuation and M&A Restructuring

New York Company Visits

Residency Study Trip

During the summer of the second academic year, students fulfill a 4 week full-time residency in Cleveland and New York. Cleveland is home to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and one of the most important banking centers in the United States. During the residency, students will take three MSM-Finance courses from Weatherhead’s faculty, participate in several corporate and alumni events, and attend the New York City company visits. The visit to A-list Wall Street firms in New York usually lasts 3 days with seminars and presentations on site, followed by an alumni reception and plenty of networking opportunities with top players in the financial industry. The corporations we visited in previous years include: Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Bloomberg, UBS, AW Jones and Brown Brothers Harriman.

Class Profile
Students join the MSM Finance – China program with a variety of undergraduate experiences and managerial backgrounds with an average of 8+ years of full time professional experience. Students earned undergraduate degrees in the following fields:
∙ Accounting, Banking and Finance
∙ Business, Managment and Strategies
∙ Computer Science and Information System
∙ Economics and trade
∙ English and Literature
∙ Law
∙ Physics, Chemistry, Math and Environmental Science
∙ Engineering and Industrial Services
Upon completion of the program, students will:
» Obtain the first MSM-Finance degree offered in mainland China from a top US university with an exceptional reputation.
» Acquire an MBA degree and broad managerial competencies from a top Chinese university.
» Be equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in corporate finance, risk management and capital markets.
» Be prepared to take professional exams of CFA, FRM and other certifications.
» Establish strong business connections with local and global financial sector players.
» Gain internship and career opportunities in Shanghai's international finance and trade area.
» Become part of the dynamic and global Weatherhead and Tongji Alumni community.
Set Your Career Path and Life-long Learning

Students accepted into this program have recently been hired by the following companies

3M China
Agriculture Bank of China
Lubrizol Corporation (Shanghai)
AkzoNobel Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
Peiking University Fund Group
ASF (Shanghai)
Bank of Communications
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Baoshan Branch Administration for Industry and Commerce
Citi Bank
Shanghai Airport Authority
China CITIC Bank
Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.
Delphi China
Schneider Electric (China)
Alumni Network
Jun Fang
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance 2012 Alumnus
President of Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Changyang Rd. Sub-branch
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance allows me to enhance my knowledge in financial/ management theories and strengthens my ability to solve the work problems. The program accelerates my professional development and facilitates the realization of my ambitions. In the program, I am surrounded by the intelligent professors and classmates in the different backgrounds all over the world. Their unique insights are extremely helpful in my career development. In return, I would like to share my experience with the fellow students.
Chunsheng Zhao
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance 2011 Alumnus
I work for a US company as Asia Pacific manager, responsible for channel sales and market management. Previously worked as an operation manager, I was responsible for global operation management. I am Member of China procurement and supply chain expert committee, Certified professional in supply management (CPSM) and supply chain management expert (SCMP). I am an MBA alumni tutor, School of economics and management, Tongji University.
When I planned to an MBA program, there were many choices in Shanghai, but I made a quick decision to join the Tongji/Case Western double degree program in both management and finance after listening the program director’s speech. As manager, I deeply realized that finance background would be more important to help me develop my future career. It turns out that I was right.
After graduation, I accepted a lot of challenging jobs. Officially, because I have not only management experience but also financial knowledge support, I can improve myself in my work. I really love our double degree program, and I have always made my contribution to this program. I also invite you to join our family personally. I'm quite sure you won't regret.
Ting Zhai
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance 2012 Alumna
The founder of Yuexuan Real Estate Consulting Co,. Ltd.
I am an intermediate economist, holder of national real estate broker qualification certificate, director of Tongji alumni entrepreneur association, and President of real estate architectural design branch of Technology Entrepreneurs Union of Tongji University.
With more than ten years of experience in Shanghai real estate industry, I used to work in the real estate development company of State-owned Key Enterprises, and made some achievements in investment in the land, marketing planning, operation management, strategic planning and other fields.
In September 2018, I established the private customized service brand for medium and high-end real estate asset allocation. The business model was invested by Tongji venture capital fund and officially settled in the National University Science and Technology Park, with rapid development.
Through the study of MBA program, I understood and got familiar with the research methods in different courses, which enabled me to broaden my thinking and change my thinking mode. In addition, I have a certain understanding of western management theories and have an interest in them. I combine theories with practice to form management methods that are in line with the development of the company.
Zhicheng Liu
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance 2012 Alumnus
Deputy General Manager, Sci-Tech Finance Department, Shanghai Science & Technology Venture Capital Group
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance program provides high-quality teachers and curriculum system, and the talent training mode provides a solid foundation for my career upgrading.
Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance double degree program expands people resources. It provides students with one-month overseas study opportunities. I remembered we completed course study and company visit in Cleveland and New York, and established good contact with local famous financial institutions and alumni of the United States. Students in the same class and cross-border alumni provide very good suggestions and help in their career development, and really feel the warmth of Tongji case family.
My classmates come from different industry backgrounds, and they are all middle and senior managers of different industries. The diversified resources provide a good platform for me to communicate in the industry and strengthen the advantages of MBA learning.
Admissions Requirement

Bachelor's degree with at least three years working experience or junior college graduate with at least 5 years working experience; Masters or doctorate degree with at least two years working experience (Only for Mainland China/Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan applicants)

China national MBA test results to Tongji University standards

Strong English proficiency

Recommendation letters

English Interview

How to apply

For International applicants

Visit the official website of Tongji MBA, fill in the application form online and upload your English resume. (

Education experience and full-time work experience are required in the English resume.


Participating in the pre-admission interview organized by Tongji SEM and The Weatherhead School of Management.

Individual interview conducted fully in English.

10-15 minutes for each interview.


Passing the interview, you will obtain offers from both universities.

Register and achieve the China GRK/Entrance exam. Please check the official website for details.


After passing the GRK exam, you will be enrolled by Tongji-CWRU MBA/MSM-Finance Double Degree Program.

For International applicants

1 Online Application(

2 Submissions of hardcopy materials

3 Interview by invitation

4 Admissions decision notification

5 Enrollment Confirmation

For HongKong, Macau, and Taiwan applicants

1 Register online(

2 Take Entrance exam

3 Interview by invitation

4 Admissions decision notification

5 Enrollment Confirmation

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