FAQs When You Considering an MBA in China

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Q: What is the value of doing an MBA in China?

A: Any MBA program strives to equip its students with all the necessary knowledge, theoretical as well as practical, thus for promising career development, which can benefit them tremendously in managerial and administrative positions. An MBA in Chinese business schools does not only benefit people the mentioned above, but can also provide them great opportunities to access to different aspects of China society, esp. the business sector.


Q: Who are Chinese Business School looking for?

A: Chinese Business Schools look for bright, talented, enthusiastic, and creative individuals in committed to a high level of achievement in their academic, personal, and professional lives, regardless of race, gender and nationality.


Q: Are China MBAs suitable for international candidates?

A: Of course, not all China MBAs are suitable for international candidates. Considering elements like world recognizable reputation, history, teaching facilities, comprehensive strength of individual university, only China MBAs in business school with international accrediation and a few top universities can benefit the international candidates in maxium, theoretically and practically.


Q: How many Chinese business schools now own international accrediation for their MBAs?

A: By the year 2011, the number of these schools grows into seventeen. They are located in key Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, etc.


Q: What kind of programme options can I choose from?

A: Full-time MBA programmes are commonplace and have proven to be particularly popular with international students, while those who prefer to continue working while they study have a number of part-time programmes, executive programmes, modular courses and study tours to choose from. Programme options will much depends on the candidates’ personal scheme as well as the policy of the business school the candidates intends to apply.


Q: Will the programme I take have people like me on it?

A: Particularly on “taught” programmes - full time, part time and modular - a lot of what you will gain will be as a result of interaction with, and learning from, professionals and other participants. You are very possible to meet people having a similar amount of experience as well as those from a range of backgrounds, cultures, etc.


Q: What kind of visa will I get?

A: It depends on the total immersion you are going on the programme. You will get an X visa for more than six-month study, training or internship in China. For the same purpose but less than six month you will get an F visa.


Q: What learning or teaching methods will be used during the programme I take?

A: People learn differently. It depends. There will be a lot of group work, case study work, lecturing and perhaps project work. Some require your quick learning ability, some investigation research, some presenting ability. Of course, you will be going on a programme to develop your skills - you’re not expected to be good at everything - but overall, you will want to ensure that the style of the programme will suit you.


Q: How will I be assessed when taking the China MBAs?

A:The assessment methods used on programmes differ i.e. exams (of various types), assignments, presentations, individual and group-based assessments etc.


Q: How easy is it to get into the programme?

A: Getting an MBA is one thing - getting one that is respected and recognised, is sometimes another. The status of a programme will often be reflected in the level of competition to get into it.


Q: Will I get a good job after doing China MBAs?

A: If you are going to do an MBA in order to get a new job on completion, how much will the programme help you? Potential employers will visit the School to interview candidates before they graduate. Alumni group/network will be your future partners. You even can start up your own business in China. You can return back to your country and tie up its business connection with China market.


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