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EMF精英金硕 | A bite of fintech - robot on the trading floor

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MBA中国网讯】Have you ever thought about pursuing your career in the financial industry, say, in top investment banks? This is the place where you work with excellent people to learn and to grow very fast. And one day, you may even work with AI - robots are now making their way onto UBS’ trading floors.

有没有想过未来从事金融行业,比如就职顶级投行?在那里,你将和最优秀的人合作,快速学习,快速成长。 某一天,你甚至有机会和人工智能共事 - 机器人正进入瑞银的交易大厅。

EMF精英金硕 | A bite of fintech - robot on the trading floor

It is no exaggeration to say that we are in the midst of a defining moment for innovation in the financial industry. In recent years, financial science and technology have evolved rapidly. New things emerge in an endless stream, from P2P, crowd funding to ever-expanding cash loans. Last month, the world's first “Robot Stock Picker” fund - ETF was born to invest only using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since its launch on October 18, it has proved an investment return of 0.83% (S & P 500 gained 0.48% over the same period, Nasdaq Composite -0.42%)


EMF精英金硕 | A bite of fintech - robot on the trading floor

With the revolution of information technology, AI and big data have had a far-reaching impact on the financial industry, bringing up with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Would Fintech shape the world of finance? Professor Jun Qian from Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF), Fudan University, will unlock secrets on the cutting-edge and most debatable topics in the upcoming lecture:

伴随着信息革命的技术应运而生的人工智能和大数据,对金融行业正产生着深远的影响, 带来空前的挑战与机遇。金融科技是否将重塑金融行业?复旦大学泛海国际金融学院(泛海国金)钱军教授近日将在讲座上揭秘最具争议的热点话题:

• How Big Data evolved to solve information asymmetry?


• Would Big Data improve transaction and investment efficiency?


• Pros and Cons on Robo-Adviser.


Speaker:Professor Jun Qian


EMF精英金硕 | A bite of fintech - robot on the trading floor

Professor of Finance

Executive Dean at FISF, Fudan University

Ph. D. in Financial Economics, University of Pennsylvania




In the same time, Professor Charles Chang, Deputy Dean of Academics at FISF, will introduce Elite Master of Finance (EMF) program, the flagship program at FISF, and its enrollment starting from 2018.

与此同时,泛海国金学术副院长张纯信教授将揭开泛海国金的旗舰项目 – 于2018年开始招生的精英金融专业硕士项目(精英金硕)的神秘面纱。

Date: 12 December, 2017

Time: 18:00 – 20:30

Venue: 101, Guanghua Building, Handan Campus, Fudan University



18:00 - 18:30: Registration

18:30 - 19:10: Professor Talk on FinTech

19:10 - 19:25: Introduction to EMF program, FISF

19:25 - 19:40: Career guidance of finance sector

19:40 - 20:30: Q&A


EMF program is dedicated to cultivate the financial leaders of future, through best-in-class education. Students are provided with innovative curriculum that integrates solid fundamental knowledge teaching with exceptional practical applications.

Building on the foundation of FISF’s powerful finance legacy, striving for rigor, relevance, and responsibility, EMF is determined to become the best MF program in China with global perspective and China-oriented practice in the world.



For those who want to breathe the pulse of new finance, to know more about EMF program, click "read more" to register now.





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