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MBA Info Session - Shanghai

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MBA Info Session - Shanghai

- August 31, 2013 - August 31, 2013 / Shanghai / MBA  English

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Should one pursue an MBA? Where to study MBA? To remain in China or go abroad? What can an MBA education offer? These might be some common questions for those of you who are considering an MBA education. How did the students make their choices? What life is really like when pursuing an MBA? How are future business leaders trained?

If you are interested in the questions above, you are highly recommended to join us in the coming Information Session in Shanghai on Aug.31, 2013. During the session, a CEIBS faculty will deliver a lecture, MBA Admissions Manager will brief the programme. You will also have chance to interact with our local alumni or current MBA students.

The content will cover every facet of the 18-month MBA learning journey, from application, classroom, professors, exchanges, extracurricular activities, and forums, to career advancement, friendship and joys, all hands-on information, helping more people to understand MBA, understand CEIBS, thus, make the right choices in their future career paths.

For these alumni and students, their MBA study at CEIBS was a very significant milestone in their lives, they wish to tell those who are still thinking, or about to apply to MBA programme, that there once was a group of students, who were just like them, they also underwent the same struggles and choices, who were just as equally talented and successful yet who also felt helpless at times, but who now wished to share their thoughts and feelings, as well as laughter and gains.



- Lecture by CEIBS professor
- MBA programme briefing by CEIBS MBA Admissions Officer
- Alumni career experience sharing
- Q&A




Ramasamy, Bala


Professor of Economics, CEIBS
Nationality: Malaysia
Personal Webpage

Topic: Booms, Busts, Bubbles - World Economic Crisis

- Will the middle class continue to grow?
- When will Europe recover from the recession?
- Will Asia’s growth be sustainable?
- What's the next step for China?




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Auditorium, China Europe International Business School, 699 Hongfeng RoadPudong Shanghai 201206




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